“I’ll do it.”


He/Him - Ork - French - Courier - Aware

RUNE is the quiet guy who doesn’t mingle much with others but somehow always knows the latest gossip. They used to work as an augmented model but had to go into hiding when a local corporation decided they had to join them, be it by force.

After a couple of years working as a mist walker and smuggling goods across the Celtic Sea for their aunt, the ork now runs for a well-connected fixer located in Bordeaux. RUNE mostly works alone as a courier, delivering not so legal goods across the city.



Deep-Fry [BFF]

"Little shit. Can't keep his mouth shut and gets us into trouble all the damn time. Don't ever change, brother!"

Stag [Buddy]

"A good guy. Reliable and fun (if you get what I mean). But something's fucking wrong with his magic."


Gabriel [Annoyance]

"I saw her rip a guy in half with her bare hands once. Hot. Too bad her personality is shit."

Ciara [Friend]

"Amazing sense of humour and we can talk engines all day. I'd fall in love if I could. But her driving is crap."





• Born in the Autonomous region of Brittany, France.

• Lost both arms and legs in an anti-metahuman bombing.

• Can see the astral plane.

• Wanted to join the national parkour athlete team but augmenteds aren’t allowed.

• Enjoys looking intimidating.

• Has a drinking problem.



• Knows how to use firearms and has a license.

• Doesn’t like killing but won’t hesitate if needed.

• Drives a C15.

• Prefers using French Sign Language.

• Has difficulties using touch screen tech.

• Is terrified of spirits.