• Ancestry Aquatic Elf
  • Heritage Tiefling (Beastbrood)
  • Homeland Hermea
  • Background Dragon Scholar
  • Age Young Adult
  • Height ~170cm
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • Alignement Chaotic Neutral
  • Class Summoner
  • Archetype Archaeologist
  • Deity Atheist
  • Adventure Age of Ashes


"I swear it wasn't me!"

Indulgent | Dishonest | Cheeky | Impulsive | Curious | Loyal

Bleu is a young elf from the city of Hermea. When he failed the Assessment and was banished to the mainland, instead of crying over his fate, he decided to quench his curiosity by exploring the world of Golarion, joining caravans or fellow adventurers for security. Unfortunately, his tendency to get into trouble means that his travelling companions often ditch him.

At some point during his journey Bleu had a near death experience and an echo of a young dragon’s mind connected with his. Now with the help of his new friend, he gets into even more trouble.


  • Dragons
  • Traveling
  • Meeting new people
  • Libraries
  • Stargazing
  • Dislikes

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Staying for too long at the same place
  • Seagulls
  • Authority
  • Being stared at
  • Design & Trivia

    • Regularly sends letters to his mother
    • Always finds a way to end up in trouble
    • Keeps crossing paths with a Kellid barbarian
    • Blue skin with fishlike scales
    • Two small horns
    • Webbed fingers
    • Tongue is purple
    • Gills on torso
    • Eyes are dark blue with a glow
    • Hair is green and kept short
    bleu clothes v1